Beerlove Tap Systems & Mini Kegs for Restaurants & Venues

If you're a restaurant that lovingly crafts your menus and curates your wine list, why wouldn't you have the same standards for your beers?

We make it possible for smaller, independent and mid-market restaurants & venues to serve Australia's best craft beers on tap as fresh as possible.

Our mobile kegerator units are perfect if you want to trial serving craft beer on tap or aren't ready for a permanent tap install.

We'll work with you to design the best range for your business and we deliver in mini 9.5 and 19ltr kegs to save space and ensure your beer is as fresh as possibe - just as our brewer partners intend their work to be enjoyed!

Join the Beerlove community and get access to benefits such as Tap Takeover events organised by Beerlove, training & marketing support, access to limited edition beers and more!

Why Partner with BeerLove?

  • No-risk 4 week trial!
  • No install fees!
  • No lock-in contracts!
  • Small footprint, perfect for smaller venues
  • We specialise in custom solutions for smaller restaurants
  • Smaller kegs means fresher beer
  • Sydney's widest range of craft beers in 9.5 and 19lt kegs.
  • Jump the queue with access to the most sought after breweries!
  • Online ordering with real time availability on
  • Fresh Beer Guarantuee
  • Tap servicing & gas bottles supplied
  • Tap-takeover events at your venue organised by BeerLove

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Kegerator - Mobile Tap Unit

The easiest, fastest way to start serving Australia's best craft beers on tap.

Same day install means no need to wait to start selling the beers your customers want!

Chiller Box with Flooded Font

For a truly professional, permanant solution, we can install a glycol chiller box and font system to suit your venue.

Install fee may apply, let's chat!

Interested in serving craft beer on tap? Let's chat!